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100% winnings

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Experience Like Never Before

Instant Withdrawal

Withdraw your winnings instantly with paytm withdrawal.

Free Games

Every week enjoy free games with cash winnings and unlimited fun.

100% winnings

Play H2H with 0% platform fee on many high voltage matches and win full amount.



Fantasy cricket app is a web-based sport where a client can make a virtual group consisting of genuine cricket players. The players can be looked over the up and coming match and focuses are scored relying upon how the chose players to act in that genuine match. The higher your group scores, the better are your odds of winning.

In the FSL11 fantasy cricket app, you can participate in cricket league, football matches, and while the real match is being played on the ground, you can sit back in your living room, experiencing the perfect cricket game and earning money out of it.

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FSL11 - Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

"FSL11 is India’s one of the most favorite online fantasy cricket app serving gaming platforms and sports sites."

This sports website is one of the best ways to watch cricket games and play on, create teams, and bring the effect of playing in your living room. It is a virtual space that is one of its kind, that helps the user to experience the excitement and fun of actual cricket.

The players can create a team made of 11 players involving the squad from both the participating teams to double the fun of the experience of online cricket. After preparing the team, when the actual match on the field starts, users will receive points based on the performance of the team of 11 members they had chosen. These points usually depend on the performance-based in the course of an actual match, runs, wickets, and catches on the basis to consider points.

If you are a cricket lover and you want to earn money through it, this application is very great for the ones who like online gaming. You can play fantasy cricket and also, fantasy football on the same stage.

Fantasy cricket app is perfectly a skill-based play and doesn't fall under gambling hence it is 100% legal in India.

Download the No.1 fantasy sports league Application and win cash every day.

We are Loved by 10 Lakh Users strongly committed to Provide Unique User Experience and made Multiple Drafts Available on our platform to promote skill based gaming across India.

Fantasy Cricket App

FSL11 is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. It’s the best way to watch cricket games, create teams, win cash, and bring the action right into your living room.

Fantasy cricket is the term that everyone understands today! FSL11 Fantasy cricket App, you perceive to experience the true fever of cricket sports ground using a mobile phone, is often played using the Internet, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport.

You can select a strategy and Apply the team management skills and tactics to make the best team employing the players you consider most performing for any particular match.

FSL11 is not just about playing cricket on a fantasy cricket app and experiencing cricket, as this will load you with the treasures of legit cash benefits. You can join existing cash contests or create a customized one and may challenge your friend one to one.

Play Fantasy Cricket and Win Cash Daily

One of the features of the sport is that you can create your own best team with the set of players you like by putting in your managerial skills and efforts.

To select a player in your team, you can check the pitch report. Check whether it is batting or bowling pitch. On the off chance that it is batting pitch, at that point select more batsman in the group, and on the off chance that it is a bowling pitch, at that point pick more bowlers in the group. Check execution from past matches and records of players on playing pitch. Contingent upon every one of these variables you can choose players for your group.

You can choose from your preferred match which you like to participate, by selecting Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, All- Rounder & Bowlers, your team inclusive of 11 players will be ready then pick your captain and vice-captain and be ready to compete amidst your friends on a contest that is your choice and that you consider best for joining.

There are Grand Leagues or Mega cash Contests like t10 and t20, IPL, etc where a large number of players take an interest in a major money reward. The passage expense is commonly less in these challenges.

At that point, there are little challenges that run from 5 players in a pool to two or three hundred. Also, there is a straight-on challenge where you play against one individual. In the vast majority of these challenges, half of the members win aside from a couple of exemptions.

Be that as it may, there's a whole other world to FSL11! At FSL11 we have planned challenges where we guarantee that a higher number of members win and in certain challenges, everybody wins.

So's it. Join your challenge, make your group, and kick your dream venture off. It's an ideal opportunity to play and bring in cash while playing.

There will be several cash contest options for you from where you can choose for playing, join daily several cash contests, and a rank is to be achieved to win real cash along with bonuses.


Yes, FSL11 is an India based fantasy cricket app that provides a virtual experience of daily Fantasy cricket app but it is not limited to cricket we also offer Fantasy Football as gameplay on our platform.

Learn more about Fantasy Football here

Some of our exclusive features are listed below.

  • ● Start endless earning using the FSL11 fantasy cricket App as our contest starts from a minimum investment in single-digit to any customized value.
  • ● Refer & Earn is our unique program to receive cash earned directly in Winning Wallet along with additional reward money.
  • ● Play Private Games with your Gang! Create your own fantasy cricket game and ask your mates to join and enjoy gaming with your team.
  • ● We make sure you have every match available. We list all national and international cricket matches so one can choose his/ her preferred match to play.
  • ● You can be an ace player on the field but you can be a master card off the field. You can have your team, your strategy, and your management. This is one of the most satisfying parts of playing fantasy cricket using the FSL11 App.
  • ● We provide the best customer service & support and are always available to receive your feedback. Play and enjoy the game with us.
  • Download FSL11 fantasy cricket App and start playing fantasy sports without putting any money from your pocket as we at FSL11 give rewards as a joining advantage in terms of genuine cash together with premium value.
  • ● Download FSL11, the fantasy cricket App, and play to win! Yes, FSL11 Application provides a virtual experience of Fantasy cricket but it is not limited to cricket games. We also offer Fantasy Football as gameplay on our platform.

Fantasy Cricket Games are legitimate in India, these games are ordered as the round of aptitudes as it includes ability factors, for example, information, mastery, judgment, system, and comprehension.

The law in these five states- Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana broadcasts that any round of blended possibility and aptitude can't be played for any genuine cash. along these lines for the inhabitants of these four states Fantasy games are not accessible for genuine cash. Most importantly, inside and out reasoning and pre-essential information about the game is the fundamental factor answerable for the general prominence of Fantasy Cricket in India. You have to apply all the stages and mix to vanquish your rival. One of the misguided judgments of Fantasy Cricket is that betting or wagering is unlawful in India. It is 100% legitimate to play Fantasy cricket in India.

An individual who is at least 18 years old is qualified to utilize our administrations, nonetheless, if an individual damages age limitations, it's his/her sole obligation to manage the legitimate activities that may be allowed to play fantasy cricket in India.



  • ● A player sitting outside can't perform
    So ensure you pick just those players who will be in the playing XI. Be that as it may, interestingly, at FSL11 you would now be able to alter your group till the last min before the match begins.
  • ● Search for batsmen in batting positions 1-2-3 in both the groups. The initial 3-4 batsmen from both groups get the most extreme chance to score runs. Furthermore, that is the motivation behind why somebody like Kohli or Rohit Sharma has a greater number of runs than a player like Dhoni.
  • ● Pick players dependent on their structure from past matches. Choosing a player in structure will profit you more contrasted with choosing a player who isn't. Additionally, perceive how players have performed against a similar rival or on a similar contribution in the past matches.
  • ● Check the pitch and climate projection. Check on the off chance that it is a bowling or batting agreeable pitch? Is the normal score on that contribution over 190 T20s? This will assist you with choosing if you need to go for a batsmen overwhelming group or a bowler substantial group.
  • ● Bowler's economy doesn’t matter excessively. Wickets do. So pick your bowlers who are wicket-takers. For instance, bowlers like Piyush Chawla or Imran Tahir will give you more focus, in light of the fact that they take a ton of wickets regardless of whether they get hit a ton.
    When you have chosen your "Best XI", it's an ideal opportunity to pick a skipper and a bad habit commander for your group.
  • ● As it's been said, a commander should show others how it’s done In dream cricket, whatever focuses your chief cause will be multiplied and your bad habit commander will get 1.5 occasions his focus.


Indeed, the cash that you win from the fantasy cricket challenge can be pulled back and moved to your ledger. You can even join the challenge for the following match utilizing the sum and win more. The money you win is transferred to your account, and it is done through a quick process and is a hundred percent hassle free.

You can't pull back any sum from your reward wallet. The reward sum can be utilized distinctly to join the challenge and play the sport. So once you gain cash by winning in the challenge, the cash can be moved however not the referral reward sum.

  • ● Sign up & get rs 100 Bonus to play.
  • ● Invite your friends and get 50 rs bonus and upto 5% cash on first deposit.
  • ● Play Private Contest With your friends and Be a Winner in your Gang !
  • ● Be a Dream catcher & Get 100 % Bonus on first deposit.
  • ● Play more Level Up and win Exciting Cash prize Daily.